Reef Gardens

More than

a burial in the sea.

A better way for your loved ones to give back to Mother Nature. 

Reef Gardens Inc. is a company that creates life through coral reefs by putting your loved ones ashes to rest in a module that produces life. Our modules are proven to stimulate the natural growth of coral reefs and marine life.

The philosophy of Reef Gardens

Learn how Reef Gardens is dedicated to the mission of giving life back to the ocean, so that "life goes on."


More than a decade and several modules later, Reef Gardens is still going strong in the mission of giving life back to the ocean.

Did you know?

Ordinary burials at a cemetery are harmful to the environment.
A casket is typically made of out of wood, steel, copper, bronze and other useful resources.
Some spend between $5,000 and $10,000 on a casket just to be placed in the ground and never be used again. In only one year,  the amount of wood used to bury a casket is equivalent to about 4 million acres of forest.

Why go through the trouble of burying your loved ones?

At Reef Gardens, your loved ones will be buried not just towards the environment but directly underwater where it will do the most good for the environment
As corals are being destroyed every year due to pollution, coral mining, and overfishing, your loved one's ashes in the module will provide not just life but a critical safe haven for all marine life that endangered coral reefs used to take.


Your loved ones will never be forgotten. With coordinates to your module and peace of mind knowing that he or she will give back to the environment, it's one of the the best way to remember your loved ones.


Your loved ones will give back to the environment through our artificial reef modules that are not only environmentally friendly, but also stimulates the marine life that is translated to a cleaner ocean and therefore cleaner air.


It costs less to bury your loved ones through Reef Gardens compared to traditional burial services, thanks to our innovative and patented artificial reef modules with form and function in mind.


How it works?

The originally patented reef module which was originally developed and engineered by Morris Huggins over 20 years ago, is designed so that each and every detail has a specific form and function. Many species of fish and plant life are attracted to the construction and formations of the module.

    Does it actually give life back?

    After years of research and development, Reef Gardens Inc. was granted permission to construct and deploy artificial reef modules in the state of Florida within specific permitted site locations. Since the deployment of these modules, careful monitoring has proven that they have indeed begun to stimulate the natural growth of coral reefs and increase marine and plant life in these waters.

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